[openstack-dev] Gerrit downtime on Friday 2015-09-11 at 23:00 UTC

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Thu Aug 27 16:51:33 UTC 2015

On Friday, September 11 at 23:00 UTC Gerrit will be unavailable for
about 30 minutes while we rename some projects.

Existing reviews, project watches, etc, should all be carried
over. Currently, we plan on renaming the following projects:

  stackforge/os-ansible-deployment -> openstack/openstack-ansible
  stackforge/os-ansible-specs -> openstack/openstack-ansible-specs

  stackforge/solum -> openstack/solum
  stackforge/python-solumclient -> openstack/python-solumclient
  stackforge/solum-specs -> openstack/solum-specs
  stackforge/solum-dashboard -> openstack/solum-dashboard
  stackforge/solum-infra-guestagent -> openstack/solum-infra-guestagent

  stackforge/magnetodb -> openstack/magnetodb
  stackforge/python-magnetodbclient -> openstack/python-magnetodbclient
  stackforge/magnetodb-specs -> openstack/magnetodb-specs

  stackforge/kolla -> openstack/kolla
  stackforge/neutron-powervm -> openstack/networking-powervm

This list is subject to change.

The projects in this list have recently become official OpenStack
projects and many of them have been waiting patiently for some time to
be moved from stackforge/ to openstack/.  This is likely to be the last
of the so-called "big-tent" moves as we plan on retiring the stackforge/
namespace and moving most of the remaining projects into openstack/ [1].

If you have any questions about the maintenance, please reply here or
contact us in #openstack-infra on Freenode.


[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-August/072140.html

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