[openstack-dev] [Glance] PTL Candidacy

Tristan Cacqueray tristan.cacqueray at enovance.com
Thu Apr 2 15:42:29 UTC 2015


On 04/02/2015 10:53 AM, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'd like to put my name out there for the Glance PTL position.
> Few words about me:
> I'm Flavio Percoco (flaper87 on IRC and everywhere). I've been an
> OpenStack fellow for the last 2 1/2 years. During this time I've
> spread my efforts on several projects but mainly on Glance, from which
> you may/may not know me.
> Glance
> ======
> Since my early days in OpenStack, I've been part of every core - core
> in terms of service, not membership - decision in Glance. From what to
> do with the registry service, glance_store, API stability etc.
> Throughout these decisions, I've participated in the release process,
> leading positions and also as a voice for those changes.
> I'm happy to say that our project has grown a lot and that we're
> facing new challenges that I'd love to be part of and more
> importantly, I'd love to help leading those efforts along side our,
> growing, community.
> Interesting things happened in Kilo but I'd like to focus now on
> what's coming next, Liberty.
> One of the things that is still pending for us is the work on
> Artifacts. Despite I don't believing that Glance is the best for it to
> live forever, I'd love to see this work done and for it to grow. The
> effort that is being put there not only code-wise, feature-wise but
> also review-wise is already a good enough proof of how the impact this
> could have in our community.
> In addition to the above, I'd love our team to improve Glance's API
> story throughout OpenStack and see such API grow and stabilize. This
> not only refers to the service itself but the libraries that Glance
> relies on too. I strongly believe that stability and consistency
> should be part of our main goals in the upcoming development cycle.
> New features will be proposed for sure and I'd love us all to review
> them together and decide together what's best for the project's future
> baring in mind the goals of the cycle.
> Community
> =========
> Thankfully enough, I've had the pleasure to be involved in many areas
> of our community and this has given me a good knowledge of how our
> community is structured and how the different parts interact with each
> other. From the stability team to our infrastructure team going
> through OpenStack's common ground (Oslo). I'd love to use this broad
> view in this position as I've been using it as a contributor.
> In the other hand, I'm also known from being noisy, speaking up and
> ready to fight whenever it's needed (even when it is not :P). Just
> like with everything else, I'm looking forward to apply all this to
> this position as I've done in my current position.
> Last but no least, I've had the pleasure to be Zaqar's PTL during Kilo
> (and co-PTL since the beginning), which has as well prepared me for
> this task.
> Thanks for reading thus far, I hope you'll consider me as a good
> candidate for this position.
> Flavio
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