[openstack-dev] [Glance] PTL Candidacy

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Thu Apr 2 14:53:24 UTC 2015


I'd like to put my name out there for the Glance PTL position.

Few words about me:

I'm Flavio Percoco (flaper87 on IRC and everywhere). I've been an
OpenStack fellow for the last 2 1/2 years. During this time I've
spread my efforts on several projects but mainly on Glance, from which
you may/may not know me.


Since my early days in OpenStack, I've been part of every core - core
in terms of service, not membership - decision in Glance. From what to
do with the registry service, glance_store, API stability etc.
Throughout these decisions, I've participated in the release process,
leading positions and also as a voice for those changes.

I'm happy to say that our project has grown a lot and that we're
facing new challenges that I'd love to be part of and more
importantly, I'd love to help leading those efforts along side our,
growing, community.

Interesting things happened in Kilo but I'd like to focus now on
what's coming next, Liberty.

One of the things that is still pending for us is the work on
Artifacts. Despite I don't believing that Glance is the best for it to
live forever, I'd love to see this work done and for it to grow. The
effort that is being put there not only code-wise, feature-wise but
also review-wise is already a good enough proof of how the impact this
could have in our community.

In addition to the above, I'd love our team to improve Glance's API
story throughout OpenStack and see such API grow and stabilize. This
not only refers to the service itself but the libraries that Glance
relies on too. I strongly believe that stability and consistency
should be part of our main goals in the upcoming development cycle.

New features will be proposed for sure and I'd love us all to review
them together and decide together what's best for the project's future
baring in mind the goals of the cycle.


Thankfully enough, I've had the pleasure to be involved in many areas
of our community and this has given me a good knowledge of how our
community is structured and how the different parts interact with each
other. From the stability team to our infrastructure team going
through OpenStack's common ground (Oslo). I'd love to use this broad
view in this position as I've been using it as a contributor.

In the other hand, I'm also known from being noisy, speaking up and
ready to fight whenever it's needed (even when it is not :P). Just
like with everything else, I'm looking forward to apply all this to
this position as I've done in my current position.

Last but no least, I've had the pleasure to be Zaqar's PTL during Kilo
(and co-PTL since the beginning), which has as well prepared me for
this task.

Thanks for reading thus far, I hope you'll consider me as a good
candidate for this position.

Flavio Percoco
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