[openstack-dev] [FUEL] Zabbix in HA mode

Dmitriy Shulyak dshulyak at mirantis.com
Wed Nov 26 10:26:34 UTC 2014

> Im working on Zabbix implementation which include HA support.
> Zabbix server should be deployed on all controllers in HA mode.

But zabbix-server will stay and user will be able to assign this role where
he wants?
If so there will be no limitations on roles allocation strategy that user
can use for cluster

Currently we have dedicated role 'zabbix-server', which does not support
> more
> than one zabbix-server. Instead of this we will move monitoring solution
> (zabbix),
> as an additional component.
> We will introduce additional role 'zabbix-monitoring', assigned to all
> servers with
> lowest priority in serializer (run puppet after every other roles) when
> zabbix is
> enabled.
> 'Zabbix-monitoring' role will be assigned automatically
It must not be in orchestrator (i guess you are talking about serializer)
by some cluster attribute or another hack.
I thought about such kind of role placement during granular deployment
design, and it can be done in a next way:

Zabbix-monitoring (i like zabbix-agent more) to all servers if
zabbix-server is added to cluster,
and then operator should be able to remove zabbix-monitoring from some
nodes. But more importantly he will be able
to see roles to nodes placement in a very explicit manner
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