[openstack-dev] [Horizon] proposal: alternating weekly meeting time [doodle poll created]

Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis yves-gwenael.bourhis at cloudwatt.com
Mon Nov 24 16:13:44 UTC 2014

Le 24/11/2014 04:20, Richard Jones a écrit :
> Thanks everyone, I've closed the poll. I'm sorry to say that there's no
> combination of two timeslots which allows everyone to attend a meeting.
> Of the 25 respondents, the best we can do is cater for 24 of you.
> Optimising for the maximum number of attendees, the potential meeting
> times are 2000 UTC Tuesday and 1000 UTC on one of Monday, Wednesday or
> Friday. In all three cases the only person who has indicated they cannot
> attend is Lifeless.
> Unfortunately, David has indicated that he can't be present at the
> Tuesday 2000 UTC slot. Optimising for him as a required attendee for
> both meetings means we lose an additional attendee, and gives us the
> Wednesday 2000 UTC slot and a few options:
> - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 1200 UTC (Lifeless and ygbo miss)

1200 UTC is perfect for me.
The doodle was proposing 1200 UTC to 1400 UTC and in the 2 hours
bandwidth I can not be sure to be there. but if it's 1200 "on the spot"
I can for sure :-)
Since I couldn't precise this on the doodle I didn't select this slot. A
one hour bandwidth would have allowed more precision but I understand
you concern that the doodle would have been to long to scroll.

Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis

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