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This may sound crazy but  what if in addition to having the online meetup 
you denoted two different locations as an optional physical meetup?   That 
way you would get some of the benefits of having folks meet together in 
person while not forcing everyone to have to travel across the globe. So 
for example, if you had one location in Raleigh and one wherever else 
folks are co-located  you could still get the benefits of having some 
group of folks collaborating face to face.

Just a thought.


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Hi all

As agreed from our weekly meeting we are going to try an online meetup.


We did a poll (https://doodle.com/b9m4bf8hvm3mna97#table) and it is
split quite evenly by location. The story I am getting from the community 

"We want a midcycle meetup if it is nearby, but are having trouble getting 
to travel far."

Given that the Heat community is evenly spread across the globe this 
impossible to hold without excluding a significant group.

So let's try and figure out how to do an online meetup!
(but let's not spend 99% of the time arguing about the software to use 

I think more interesting is:

1) How do we minimize the time zone pain?
2) Can we make each session really focused so we are productive.
3) If we do this right it does not have to be "midcycle" but when ever we 

I'd be interested in feedback from others that have tried this too.

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