[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Power management in Cobbler

Fox, Kevin M Kevin.Fox at pnnl.gov
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I meant, either go into the bios and set the node to netboot, or hit f12(or whatever) and netboot. the netbooted discovery image should be able to gather all the rest of the bits? Minimal ISO could also be just gpxe or something like that and would do the same as above. Then you don't have to update the iso every time you enhance discovery process too.

Hmmm... Some bmc's do dhcp though out of the box. I guess if you watched for dhcp leases and then tried to contact them over ipmi with a few default username/passwords, you'd probably get a fair number of them without much effort, if they are preconfigured.

In our experience though, we usually get nodes in that we have to configure netboot in the bios, then the next easiest step is to install and then configure the bmc via the installed linux. You can manually setup the bmc username/password/ip/whatever but its work. Most of the bmc's we've seen have ipmi over the network disabled by default. :/ So in that case, the former, netboot the box, load a discovery image, and have it configure the bmc all in one go would be nicer I think.

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> On 19 Nov 2014, at 17:56, Fox, Kevin M <Kevin.Fox at pnnl.gov> wrote:
> Would net booting a minimal discovery image work? You usually can dump ipmi network information from the host.

To boot from minimal iso (which is waht we do now) you still need to tell the host to do it. This is where IPMI discovery is needed I guess.

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