[openstack-dev] [nova] mapping of hypervisor support matrix to driver functions - agenda?

Markus Zoeller mzoeller at de.ibm.com
Mon Nov 17 10:01:22 UTC 2014

On Fri Nov 14 16:32:59 UTC 2014 Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

> One of the items that came out of the design summit is to produce a
> formal document to detail so called "capabilities" of virtualization
> drivers, to replace what's currently in the wiki page you quote, and
> ultimately provide a much higher level of detail.
> Myself & Mikal had volunteered to do this, and expect that it will
> finally take the form of a structured document living in the Nova
> git repository docs directory.
> Your mapping might prove to be useful input. Perhaps just create a
> new wiki page and upload it in whatever format you currently have
> it in, and we'll work forwards from there.

To the best of my belief:

Markus Zoeller
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