[openstack-dev] LTFS integration with OpenStack Swift for scenario like - Data Archival as a Service .

Samuel Merritt sam at swiftstack.com
Fri Nov 14 18:06:53 UTC 2014

On 11/13/14, 10:19 PM, Sachin Goswami wrote:
> In OpenStack Swift - xfs file system is integrated which provides a
> maximum file system size of 8 exbibytes minus one byte (263-1 bytes).

Not exactly. The Swift storage nodes keep their data on POSIX 
filesystems with support for extended attributes. While XFS filesystems 
are typically used, XFS is not required.

> We are studying use of LTFS integration with OpenStack Swift for
> scenario like - *Data Archival as a Service* .
> Was integration of LTFS with Swift considered before? If so, can you
>  please share your study output? Will integration of LTFS with Swift
> fit into existing Swift architecture ?

Assuming it's POSIX enough and supports extended attributes, a tape 
filesystem on a spinning disk might technically work, but I don't see it 
performing well at all.

If you're talking about using actual tapes for data storage, I can't 
imagine that working out for you. Most clients aren't prepared to wait 
multiple minutes for HTTP responses while a tape laboriously spins back 
and forth, so they'll just time out.

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