[openstack-dev] [Openstack] [NOVA] Missing network info in nova list

Sławek Kapłoński slawek at kaplonski.pl
Mon Mar 31 16:17:18 UTC 2014


I have openstack installation with neutron. When I made test and create 
many instances in one query (using --num-instances) all was ok but one 
instance (from 80 created) has no IP address when I made "nova list" or 
"nova show ". I found that there is missing value in "network info" in 
nova database in "Instance-info-cache" table. Everything except that is 
working fine: port with this IP is assigned to instance in neutron, 
binding is ok, instance has got configured this IP and I can ping it.
Maybe someone know why this informations are missing in nova database 
and how to refresh it?

Best regards
Sławek Kapłoński
slawek at kaplonski.pl

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