[openstack-dev] PTL Candidacy

Michael Basnight mbasnight at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 16:17:26 UTC 2014

Howdy Trovesters and co,

I would like to announce that i will _not_ be running for the Trove PTL
this cycle. We have some smart peoples who can step up and keep the
momentum going.

Its been a wild ride going into integration, and I feel like its someone
else's turn to have the fun that I have had over the last 6mo (and before
when Trove was a wee little RedDwarf). Thanks to the other PTLs for helping
me shape my PTL role into something tangible. And of course a special shout
out to ttx for helping to keep me focused :) I will be still be working on
Trove full time.

Michael Basnight
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