[openstack-dev] [Murano][Heat] MuranoPL questions?

Adrian Otto adrian.otto at rackspace.com
Thu Mar 27 18:38:45 UTC 2014

> On Mar 27, 2014, at 11:27 AM, "Ruslan Kamaldinov" <rkamaldinov at mirantis.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 7:42 PM, Georgy Okrokvertskhov
> <gokrokvertskhov at mirantis.com> wrote:
>> Given that I don't see the huge overlap here with Murano functionality as
>> even if Solum stated that as a part of solution Heat template will be
>> generated it does not necessarily mean that Solum itself will do this. From
>> what is listed on the Solum page, in Solum sense - ALM is a  way how the
>> application build from source promoted between different CI\CD environments
>> Dev, QA, Stage, Production. Solum can use other service to do this keeping
>> its own focus on the target area. Specifically to the environments - Solum
>> can use Murano environments which for Murano is just a logical unity of
>> multiple applications. Solum can add CI\CD specific stuff on top of it
>> keeping using Murano API for the environment management under the hood.
>> Again, this is a typical OpenStack approach to have different services
>> integrated to achieve the larger goal, keeping services itself very focused.
> Folks,
> I'd like to call for a cross-project work group to identify approaches for
> application description and management in the OpenStack cloud. As this thread
> shows there are several parties involved - Heat, Mistral, Murano, Solum (did I
> miss anyone?), there is no clear vision among us where and how we should
> describe things on top of Heat.
> We could spend another couple of months in
> debates, but I feel that focused group of dedicated people (i.e 2 from each
> project) would progress much faster and will be much more productive.
> What I'd suggest to expect from this joint group:
> * Identify how different aspects of applications and their lifecycle can be
>  described and how they can coexist in OpenStack
> * Define a multi-layered structure to keep each layer with clear focus and set
>  of responsibilities
> * End goal of the work for this group will be a document with a clear vision of
>  covering areas higher up to Heat stack and how OpenStack should address that.
>  This vision is not clear now for TC and that is the reason they say that it is
>  to big step which Murano did
> * Agree on further direction
> * Come to ATL summit, agree again and drink beer
> Focused group would require additional communication channels:
> * Calls (Google Hangouts for instance)
> * Additional IRC meetings
> * Group work on design documents
> From Murano project I'd like to propose the following participants:
> * Stan Lagun (slagun at mirantis.com)
> * Ruslan Kamaldinov (rkamaldinov at mirantis.com)
> Do colleagues from Heat, Solum and Mistral feel the same way and would like to
> support this movement and delegate their participants to this working group?
> Is this idea viable?

I will participate on behalf of Solum: Adrian Otto <adrian.otto at rackspace.com>

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