[openstack-dev] OpenStack/GSoC 2014 - Reviewing Applications

Sriram Subramanian sriram at sriramhere.com
Sat Mar 22 22:34:26 UTC 2014

Davanum, are the scores private or is there a way to make them private?

On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 12:07 PM, Davanum Srinivas <davanum at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear Students,
> We received the following proposals:
>     AMES-Cloud (Nagashree Bhat)
>     A pre-caching system for OpenStack (Anastasis Andronidis)
>     Proposal for Implementing an application-level FWaaS driver
> ((Zorp) Dániel Csubák)
>     Cassandra and Redis storage backend for Openstack marconi (Jeremy
> Henriques)
>     Openstack-OSLO :Add a New Backend to Oslo.Cache (sai krishna)
>     Implement a Fuzz testing framework that can be run on Tempest
> (Manishanker Talusani)
>     How to detect network anomalies from telemetry data within Openstack
> (mst89)
>     Implement a re-usable shared library for VMware(oslo.vmware) (Masaru
> Nomura)
>     Cross-services Scheduler project (Artem Shepelev)
>     OpenStack/Marconi: Py3k support (Nataliia)
>     Improve benchmarking context mechanism in Rally (Kumar Rishabh)
>     Develop a benchmarking suite and new storage backends to OpenStack
> Marconi (Prashanth Raghu)
>     Adding Redis as a Storage Backend to OpenStack Marconi (Chenchong Qin)
>     Auto Benchmarking System for OpenStack (RobberPhex)
>     Developing Benchmarks for Virtual Machines of OpenStack with Rally
> (Tzanetos Balitsaris)
>     Add a new storage backend to the OpenStack Message Queuing Service
> (Victoria Martínez de la Cruz)
> Dear Mentors
> (ddutta/flwang/julim/hughsaunders/greghaynes/annegentle/sriramhere/arnaudleg/coroner/boris_42/blint/ybudupi/cppcabrera),
> Please log into the Google GSoC web-site and review **all** proposals
> within a week (our own deadline - say 29th).
> 1) Please click "Wish to mentor" on the left hand side, if you are
> willing to mentor this project.
>    Yes, we should have more than one mentor. This is a way to mention
> that you are willing to mentor,
>    actual assignment will happen later i believe. So please switch
> this on for all projects you are
>    interested in.
> 2) If you have a question about a proposal and need a response from
> the candidate, please leave
>    a comment for them. If you want to ask a observation/question to
> other mentors or me, leave a
>    comment marked "Private"
> 3) To assign a score. Please click on the number of start in "My
> score:" at the bottom
>     5 = amazing applicant, could be a module maintainer on completing
> the program
>     4 = strong applicant, will do a good job
>     3 = good applicant, but is somewhat inexperienced
>     2 = is unlikely to do a good job
>     1 = not a good candidate
> Please feel free to leave detailed notes on candidates you know well
> for other mentors (Please mark comments as "Private")
> If you are not able to help with this exercise, please let me know ASAP.
> If anyone else would like to step up and be a Mentor for any of these
> projects/students, please register in the Google GSoC site and let me
> know your "username".
> Thanks,
> dims
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> Davanum Srinivas :: http://davanum.wordpress.com
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