[openstack-dev] OpenStack/GSoC 2014 - Reviewing Applications

Davanum Srinivas davanum at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 19:07:02 UTC 2014

Dear Students,

We received the following proposals:

    AMES-Cloud (Nagashree Bhat)
    A pre-caching system for OpenStack (Anastasis Andronidis)
    Proposal for Implementing an application-level FWaaS driver
((Zorp) Dániel Csubák)
    Cassandra and Redis storage backend for Openstack marconi (Jeremy Henriques)
    Openstack-OSLO :Add a New Backend to Oslo.Cache (sai krishna)
    Implement a Fuzz testing framework that can be run on Tempest
(Manishanker Talusani)
    How to detect network anomalies from telemetry data within Openstack (mst89)
    Implement a re-usable shared library for VMware(oslo.vmware) (Masaru Nomura)
    Cross-services Scheduler project (Artem Shepelev)
    OpenStack/Marconi: Py3k support (Nataliia)
    Improve benchmarking context mechanism in Rally (Kumar Rishabh)
    Develop a benchmarking suite and new storage backends to OpenStack
Marconi (Prashanth Raghu)
    Adding Redis as a Storage Backend to OpenStack Marconi (Chenchong Qin)
    Auto Benchmarking System for OpenStack (RobberPhex)
    Developing Benchmarks for Virtual Machines of OpenStack with Rally
(Tzanetos Balitsaris)
    Add a new storage backend to the OpenStack Message Queuing Service
(Victoria Martínez de la Cruz)

Dear Mentors (ddutta/flwang/julim/hughsaunders/greghaynes/annegentle/sriramhere/arnaudleg/coroner/boris_42/blint/ybudupi/cppcabrera),

Please log into the Google GSoC web-site and review **all** proposals
within a week (our own deadline - say 29th).

1) Please click "Wish to mentor" on the left hand side, if you are
willing to mentor this project.
   Yes, we should have more than one mentor. This is a way to mention
that you are willing to mentor,
   actual assignment will happen later i believe. So please switch
this on for all projects you are
   interested in.

2) If you have a question about a proposal and need a response from
the candidate, please leave
   a comment for them. If you want to ask a observation/question to
other mentors or me, leave a
   comment marked "Private"

3) To assign a score. Please click on the number of start in "My
score:" at the bottom
    5 = amazing applicant, could be a module maintainer on completing
the program
    4 = strong applicant, will do a good job
    3 = good applicant, but is somewhat inexperienced
    2 = is unlikely to do a good job
    1 = not a good candidate

Please feel free to leave detailed notes on candidates you know well
for other mentors (Please mark comments as "Private")

If you are not able to help with this exercise, please let me know ASAP.

If anyone else would like to step up and be a Mentor for any of these
projects/students, please register in the Google GSoC site and let me
know your "username".


Davanum Srinivas :: http://davanum.wordpress.com

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