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Nader Lahouti nader.lahouti at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 06:42:07 UTC 2014

Hi All,

In a multi-node setup, I'm using Ml2Plugin (as core plugin) and OVS
(OVSNeutronAgent) as an agent on compute nodes. From controller I need to
call a *new method* on agent ( on all compute nodes - using  RPC), to
perform a task (i.e. to communicate with an external process). As I need to
use OVSNeutronAgent, I am thinking the following as potential solution for
adding the new method to the agent:
1. Create new plugin based on existing OVS agent - That means cloning
OVSNeutronAgent and add the new method to that.
2. Create new plugin, which inherits OVSNeutronPlugin - the new plugin
defines the new method, setup_rpc,...
3. Add the new method to the existing OVSNeutronAgent

Please let me know your thought and comments.

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