[openstack-dev] [nova] Some thoughts on the nova-specs design process

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Mar 17 02:58:20 UTC 2014


So I've written a blueprint for nova for Juno, and uploaded it to
nova-specs (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80865/). That got me
thinking about what this process might look like, and this is what I
came up with:

* create a launchpad blueprint
* you write a proposal in the nova-specs repo
* add the blueprint to the commit message of the design proposal, and
send the design proposal off for review
* advertise the existence of the design proposal to relevant stake
holders (other people who hack on that bit of the code, operators
mailing list if relevant, etc)
* when the proposal is approved, it merges into the nova-specs git
repo and nova-drivers then mark the launchpad blueprint as approved
* off you go with development as normal

This has the advantage that there's always a launchpad blueprint, and
that the spec review is associated with that blueprint. That way
someone who finds the launchpad blueprint but wants to see the actual
design proposal can easily do so because it is linked as an "addressed
by" review on the blueprint.


Rackspace Australia

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