[openstack-dev] Operators & Design Summit ideas for Atlanta

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Sun Mar 16 23:54:52 UTC 2014


Many times we've heard a desire for more feedback and interaction from 
users. However, their attendance at design summit sessions is met with 
varied success.

However, last summit, by happy accident, a swift session turned into a 
something a lot more user driven. A competent user was able to describe 
their use case, and the developers were able to stage a number of 
question to them. In this way, some of the assumptions about the way 
certain things were implemented, and the various priorities of future 
plans became clearer. It worked really well ... perhaps this is 
something we'd like to have happen for all the projects?

*Idea*: Add an "ops" session for each project in the design summit

Most operators running OpenStack tend to treat it more holistically than 
those coding it. They are aware of, but don't necessarily think or work 
in terms of project  breakdowns. To this end, I'd imagine the such 
sessions would:

  * have a primary purpose for developers to ask the operators to answer
    questions, and request information

  * allow operators to tell the developers things (give feedback) as a
    secondary purpose that could potentially be covered better in a
    cross-project session

  * need good moderation, for example to push operator-to-operator
    discussion into forums with more time available (eg
    https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ATL-ops-unconference-RFC )

  * be reinforced by having volunteer "good" users in potentially every
    design summit session
    (https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ATL-ops-in-design-sessions )

Anyway, just a strawman - please jump on the etherpad 
or leave your replies here!


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