[openstack-dev] Neutron and IPv6 for IceHouse?

Collins, Sean Sean_Collins2 at cable.comcast.com
Sun Mar 9 01:08:44 UTC 2014

Yes, you can test these patches that are under review, but be prepared to do some debugging/hacking. They were not merged for I-3 since there is still work being done on them. There is also some patches that are under review to start bringing up Neutron routers and do RAs, but it is still under development. See the IPv6 section of the wiki for a full list.

Sean M. Collins
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Mmm... But can I test those patches that are still under review, with Devstack?
I meant, I would like to start testing a IPv6 provided by Neutron + RA, not by external provider.


On 8 March 2014 21:58, Collins, Sean <Sean_Collins2 at cable.comcast.com<mailto:Sean_Collins2 at cable.comcast.com>> wrote:
Also, I posted an e-mail to the mailing list that discusses a branch of Neutron and Nova, that can be used with DevStack, which contains patches for using IPv6 with non-openstack gateways and routers - it contains patches that we have currently under review.


Sean M. Collins
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Hello Stackers!

Please, forgive me to ask this here but, I'm about to lose my budget to deploy OpenStack in my ISP, because it does not support IPv6. There is no more IPv4 around here and I can not grow without IPv6.

Please, I'm begging for you guys, pleeease, release IceHouse with IPv6! Otherwise, I'll lose the opportunity and there will be no more OpenStack around here... The company is about to give it up and look for another solution... I'll lost more than a year of development and a lot of time and money...

I know that none of you are responsible for this, of course, this is my own problem but, I'm just trying to show for you guys, that IPv6 is a requirement, OpenStack can not live without it any longer (I believe)... Wait six more months is just out of the table (for me and for my company)...

I am not a coder but, I have a huge lab and I'm good in testing and debugging softwares, please, let me know if there is anything that I can do, to make this [Neutron with IPv6] a reality. Is it working with Devstack?!


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