[openstack-dev] [Openstack-dev][Horizon] test_launch_instance_post questions

Abishek Subramanian (absubram) absubram at cisco.com
Thu Mar 6 17:06:18 UTC 2014


I had a couple of questions regarding this UT and the
JS template that it ends up using.
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction
and help me understand this a little better.

I see that for this particular UT, we have a total of 3 networks
in the network_list (the second network is supposed to be disabled though).
For the nic argument needed by the nova/server_create API though we
only pass the first network's net_id.

I am trying to modify this unit test so as to be able to accept 2
instead of just one. This should be possible yes?
We can have two nics in an instance of just one?
However, I always see that when the test runs,
in code it only finds the first network from the list.

This line of code -

     if netids:
            nics = [{"net-id": netid, "v4-fixed-ip": ""}
                    for netid in netids]

There's always just one net-id in this dictionary even though I've added
a new network in the neutron test_data. Can someone please help me
figure out what I might be doing wrong?

How does the JS code in horizon.instances.js file work?
I assume this is where the network list is obtained from?
How does this translate in the unit test environment?


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