[openstack-dev] Neutron: Need help with tox failure in VPN code

Paul Michali pcm at cisco.com
Tue Mar 4 05:28:48 UTC 2014


I'm stuck and can use some guidance here…please!

I have a change set out for review that used the VPN Service Type Framework ( https://review.openstack.org/74144). Everything worked fine, passed Jenkins, etc.

Found out that the STF won't make it to I-3, so I removed the dependency from my change set and tried to modify the plugin.py file to use some STF logic (like LBaaS uses) to load the desired service driver that is specified as the default. Adjusted the code to no longer use provider info.

Well, in doing so, tox fails, and unfortunately there little info on the failure. This can be seen by running a subset of the tests, where 2 fail:

tox -e py27 -v -- neutron.tests.unit.services.vpn

only the name of a failing test case for one, and a mention of return code 10 on another and no other info on the failure reason. I didn't see this on a full tox run in my repo, but Jenkins failed and Akihiro noticed it too, in running the above subset of the suite (thanks!).

I've narrow it down a bit, but have no idea why it fails…

One, it seems to be some interaction between test_vpnaas_driver_plugin.py and the two service driver tests (cisco_ipsec.py and ipsec.py). I can remove either one of the service driver tests cases, and it will still fail with the other one (so even the reference code fails).

Two, if I change plugin.py to set self.driver to the reference device driver (as is done in the latest patch set) it works fine with all test cases.

Three, it seems to be a test only issue, because I can run devstack with the login I have in plugin.py, currently commented out in __init__(), and successfully load either the reference or cisco service driver, by changing neutron.conf.

It seems like I'm doing something wrong in the loading of the service driver, or using this implementation, is somehow interacting with the tests.

If anyone has ideas on what is wrong, or a better way to load the service driver, please let me know. I was thinking I could read and parse neutron.conf manually and then load the service driver, but there must be a better way!


PCM (Paul Michali)

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