[openstack-dev] [all] 3rd Party CI vs. Gerrit

Kurt Taylor krtaylor at us.ibm.com
Mon Jun 30 15:17:58 UTC 2014

Dan Smith <dms at danplanet.com> wrote on 06/27/2014 12:33:48 PM:
> > What if 3rd Party CI didn't vote in Gerrit? What if it instead
> > published to some 3rd party test reporting site (a thing that
> > doesn't yet exist). Gerrit has the facility so that we could inject
> > the dashboard content for this in Gerrit in a little table
> > somewhere, but the data would fundamentally live outside of Gerrit.
> > It would also mean that all the aggregate reporting of 3rd Party CI
> > that's being done in custom gerrit scripts, could be integrated
> > directly into such a thing.
> If it really does show up right in Gerrit as if it were integrated,
> then that would be fine with me. I think the biggest problem we have
> right now is that a lot of the CI systems are very inconsistent in
> their reporting and we often don't realize when one of them *hasn't*
> voted. If the new thing could fill out the chart based on everything
> we expect to see a vote from, so that it's very clear that one is
> missing, then that's a net win right there.

There is a similar old bug for that, with a good suggestion for how it
could possibly be done:


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