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Sorry for quoting the entire previous digest, twas a noob mistake.


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>Hi all,
>In the OpenStack Security Group (OSSG) we?ve been kicking around the idea
>of getting some simple non-blocking security-related gate tests going.
>These tests would be designed to be simple and automated checks for
>low-hanging fruit such as the use of ?Shell=True?.  The main goal is to
>have these be as noiseless as possible (a low rate of false positives).
>The hope is that if these are useful and unobtrusive enough, when they
>actually do fail, people will take note.
>We will start off small, with maybe one simple gate test, and expand later
>if it proves to be useful.  We plan to test heavily internally, and then
>start requesting integration into projects later.
>My question is: what is the best tool for the job?  I have heard Pylint
>and Hacking mentioned.  Are there any others?
>  -Travis

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