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Angus Salkeld angus.salkeld at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Jun 11 04:43:06 UTC 2014

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On 11/06/14 13:10, Jamie Lennox wrote:
> Among the problems cause by the inconsistencies in the clients is that
> all the options that are required to create a client need to go into the
> config file of the service. This is a pain to configure from the server
> side and can result in missing options as servers fail to keep up.
> With the session object standardizing many of these options there is the
> intention to make the session be loadable directly from a CONF object. A
> spec has been proposed to this for nova-specs[1] to outline the problem
> and the approach in more detail. 
> The TL;DR version is that I intend to collapse all the options to load a
> client down such that each client will have one ini section that looks
> vaguely like: 
>         [cinder]
>         cafile = '/path/to/cas'
>         certfile = 'path/to/cert'
>         timeout = 5
>         auth_name = v2password
>         username = 'user'
>         password = 'pass'
> This list of options is then managed from keystoneclient, thus servers
> will automatically have access to new transport options, authentication
> mechanisms and security fixes as they become available.
> The point of this email is to make people aware of this effort and that
> if accepted into nova-specs the same pattern will eventually make it to
> your service (as clients get updated and manpower allows). 
> The review containing the config option names is still open[2] so if you
> wish to comment on particulars, please take a look.
> Please leave a comment on the reviews or reply to this email with
> concerns or questions. 

Nice, we have this bug too in Solum: https://bugs.launchpad.net/solum/+bug/1292334

It is partly about the duplication in code needed to get a client.
The other part of the bug is the config options (which you are dealing with).

The other thing to think about is other services want a connection based on
user token (plus the cafile stuff above) like in solum/heat.

It would be nice to be able to create a connection based on a context and a config.

You might also want to look at Steve Baker's monster patch series:

This stuff should really be in the clients.

- -Angus

> Thanks 
> Jamie
> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98955/
> [2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/95015/
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