[openstack-dev] [nova][cinder][ceilometer][glance][all] Loading clients from a CONF object

Jamie Lennox jamielennox at redhat.com
Wed Jun 11 03:07:54 UTC 2014

Among the problems cause by the inconsistencies in the clients is that
all the options that are required to create a client need to go into the
config file of the service. This is a pain to configure from the server
side and can result in missing options as servers fail to keep up.

With the session object standardizing many of these options there is the
intention to make the session be loadable directly from a CONF object. A
spec has been proposed to this for nova-specs[1] to outline the problem
and the approach in more detail. 

The TL;DR version is that I intend to collapse all the options to load a
client down such that each client will have one ini section that looks
vaguely like: 

        cafile = '/path/to/cas'
        certfile = 'path/to/cert'
        timeout = 5
        auth_name = v2password
        username = 'user'
        password = 'pass'
This list of options is then managed from keystoneclient, thus servers
will automatically have access to new transport options, authentication
mechanisms and security fixes as they become available.

The point of this email is to make people aware of this effort and that
if accepted into nova-specs the same pattern will eventually make it to
your service (as clients get updated and manpower allows). 

The review containing the config option names is still open[2] so if you
wish to comment on particulars, please take a look.

Please leave a comment on the reviews or reply to this email with
concerns or questions. 



[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98955/
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/95015/

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