[openstack-dev] [TripleO] [Ironic] [Heat] Mid-cycle collaborative meetup

Jaromir Coufal jcoufal at redhat.com
Tue Jun 10 13:59:17 UTC 2014

On 2014/10/06 10:25, Clint Byrum wrote:
> Excerpts from Jaromir Coufal's message of 2014-06-08 16:44:58 -0700:
>> Hi,
>> it looks that there is no more activity on the survey for mid-cycle
>> dates so I went forward to evaluate it.
>> I created a table view into the etherpad [0] and results are following:
>> * option1 (Jul 28 - Aug 1): 27 attendees - collides with Nova/Ironic
>> * option2 (Jul 21-25)     : 27 attendees
>> * option3 (Jul 25-29)     : 17 attendees - collides with Nova/Ironic
>> * option4 (Aug 11-15)     : 13 attendees
>> I think that we can remove options 3 and 4 from the consideration,
>> because there is lot of people who can't make it. So we have option1 and
>> option2 left. Since Robert and Devananda (PTLs on the projects) can't
>> make option1, which also conflicts with Nova/Ironic meetup, I think it
>> is pretty straightforward.
>> Based on the survey the winning date for the mid-cycle meetup is
>> option2: July 21th - 25th.
>> Does anybody have very strong reason why we shouldn't fix the date for
>> option2 and proceed forward with the organization for the meetup?
> July 21-25 is also the shortest notice. I will not be able to attend
> as plans have already been made for the summer and I've already been
> travelling quite a bit recently, after all we were all just at the summit
> a few weeks ago.
> I question the reasoning that being close to FF is a bad thing, and
> suggest adding much later dates. But I understand since the chosen dates
> are so close, there is a need to make a decision immediately.
> Alternatively, I suggest that we split Heat out of this, and aim at
> later dates in August.

Hi Clint,

here is the challenge:

I tried to get feedback as soon as possible. We are not able to satisfy 
everybody's restrictions. During summer everybody is planning for 
vacation and it is impossible to find a time which works for all. I was 
reading your restrictions in the etherpad and it is excluding options 
from the end of July until second half of August. So I didn't expect 
that option 2 would conflict with your plans.

In August folks usually have scheduled private time off so it will be 
much worse than July to find some date. Just look at restrictions and on 
August's dates proposal, how the number of attendees decreased.

Furthermore, why I am against being close to FF is that TripleO itself 
is not restricted by FF but the project is dependent on various other 
projects for which FF applies to. So being in the middle of the feature 
proposal milestone makes sense for us to plan forward. What benefit from 
the meetup do we get if we can't discuss, propose and get needed 
features in?

Options 1, 3 and 4 are out of the question. I am sure that if we do it 
in the end of August we will for sure lose various attendees (probably 
more than in July) and furthermore we will not be able to propose new 
features and neither get them in.

As you mentioned, we need to make a decision immediately. The etherpad 
was on for a while and I had various discussions in the meantime. It 
seems that July 21-25 makes the biggest sense and allows majority people 
to attend.

-- Jarda

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