[openstack-dev] [nova] Evacuate instance which in server group with affinity policy

Eli Qiao taget at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Dec 22 03:31:36 UTC 2014

在 2014年12月22日 10:36, Lingxian Kong 写道:
> 2014-12-22 9:21 GMT+08:00 Alex Xu <soulxu at gmail.com>:
>> 2014-12-22 9:01 GMT+08:00 Lingxian Kong <anlin.kong at gmail.com>:
>>> but what if the compute node is back to normal? There will be
>>> instances in the same server group with affinity policy, but located
>>> in different hosts.
>> If operator decide to evacuate the instance from the failed host, we should
>> fence the failed host first.
> Yes, actually. I mean the recommandation or prerequisite should be
> emphasized somewhere, e.g. the Operation Guide, otherwise it'll make
> things more confused. But the issue you are working around is indeed a
> problem we should solve.
hi Alex,
how about ask this in openstack-op mailing list, that will be much help.

Eli (Li Yong) Qiao

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