[openstack-dev] [OpenStack-Infra] [third-party]Time for Additional Meeting for third-party

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Tue Dec 16 01:07:20 UTC 2014

On 12/05/2014 07:08 AM, Kurt Taylor wrote:
> 1. Meeting content: Having 2 meetings per week is more than is needed at
> this stage of the working group. There just isn't enough meeting content
> to justify having two meetings every week.

I'd like to discuss this further: the stated objectives of the meetings
are very wide and may allow for more than one slot per week. In
particular I'm seeing the two below as good candidates for 'meet as many
times as possible':

   *  to provide a forum for the curious and for OpenStack programs who
are not yet in this space but may be in the future
   * to encourage questions from third party folks and support the
sourcing of answers


> 2. Decisions: Any decision made at one meeting will potentially be
> undone at the next, or at least not fully explained. It will be
> difficult to keep consistent direction with the overall work group.

I think this needs to be clarified for all teams, not just third-party:
I disagree that important decisions should be taken on IRC. IRC is the
place where discussions happen and agreements may form among a group of
people, but ultimately the communication and the actual *decision* needs
to happen on the wider email list channel.

> My proposal was to have only 1 meeting per week at alternating times,

I'm not going to enter into the specific, as I'm sure you're already
aware and weighted the disadvantages of alternating times and multiple
dates. Only I'd ask you to communicate clearly times and objectives on
the team's and meetings wiki pages.

There are now three slots listed:

Mondays at 1500 UTC, chair Anita
Mondays at 1800 UTC, chair (I'm assuming it's Kurt)
Tuesdays at 0800 UTC, chair Anita

I would suggest you to make an effort to split the agenda across the
three slots, if you think it's possible, or assign priority topics from
the stated goals of the meetings so that people will know what to expect
each time.

The objective of the meetings should be to engage more people in
different timezones, while avoiding confusion. Let me know if you need
help editing the pages.

As I mentioned above, probably one way to do this is to make some slots
more focused on engaging newcomers and answering questions, more like
serendipitous mentoring sessions with the less involved, while another
slot could be dedicated to more focused and long term efforts, with more
committed people?


PS let's continue the conversation only on -infra. I'm replying
including -dev only because I think the point "2. Decisions" needed to
be clarified for all.

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