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Pasquale Porreca pasquale.porreca at dektech.com.au
Fri Dec 12 09:58:57 UTC 2014

It is possible to decide in advance how many PL will be necessary for a
service, so their creation can be decided externally from the SC. Anyway
the role that any PL should assume and so the image to install on each
PL should be decided by the SC.

On 12/12/14 09:54, Steve Gordon wrote:
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>> > Well, one of the main reason to choose an open source product is to
>> > avoid vendor lock-in. I think it is not
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>> > advisable to embed in the software running in an instance a call to
>> > OpenStack specific services.
> Possibly a stupid question, but even if PXE boot was supported would the SC not still have to trigger the creation of the PL instance(s) via a call to Nova anyway (albeit with boot media coming from PXE instead of Glance)?

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