[openstack-dev] [Glance][Heat] Murano split dsicussion

Georgy Okrokvertskhov gokrokvertskhov at mirantis.com
Wed Aug 20 20:14:28 UTC 2014

During last Atlanta summit there were couple discussions about Application
Catalog and Application space projects in OpenStack. These cross-project
discussions occurred as a result of Murano incubation request [1] during
Icehouse cycle.  On the TC meeting devoted to Murano incubation there was
an idea about splitting the Murano into parts which might belong to
different programs[2].

Today, I would like to initiate a discussion about potential splitting of
Murano between two or three programs.

*App Catalog API to Catalog Program*

Application Catalog part can belong to Catalog program, the package
repository will move to artifacts repository part where Murano team already
participates. API part of App Catalog will add a thin layer of API methods
specific to Murano applications and potentially can be implemented as a
plugin to artifacts repository. Also this API layer will expose other 3rd
party systems API like CloudFoundry ServiceBroker API which is used by
CloudFoundry marketplace feature to provide an integration layer between
OpenStack Application packages and 3rd party PaaS tools.

*Murano Engine to Orchestration Program*

Murano engine orchestrates the Heat template generation. Complementary to a
Heat declarative approach, Murano engine uses imperative approach so that
it is possible to control the whole flow of the template generation. The
engine uses Heat updates to update Heat templates to reflect changes in
applications layout. Murano engine has a concept of actions - special flows
which can be called at any time after application deployment to change
application parameters or update stacks. The engine is actually
complementary to Heat engine and adds the following:

   - orchestrate multiple Heat stacks - DR deployments, HA setups, multiple
   datacenters deployment
   - Initiate and controls stack updates on application specific events
   - Error handling and self-healing - being imperative Murano allows you
   to handle issues and implement additional logic around error handling and

*Murano UI to Dashboard Program*

Application Catalog requires  a UI focused on user experience. Currently
there is a Horizon plugin for Murano App Catalog which adds Application
catalog page to browse, search and filter applications. It also adds a
dynamic UI functionality to render a Horizon forms without writing an
actual code.



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