[openstack-dev] [nova] fair standards for all hypervisor drivers

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Aug 11 13:17:19 UTC 2014

On 2014-08-11 08:04:34 -0400 (-0400), Russell Bryant wrote:
> Dang, I'd love to see those numbers.  :-)

Me too. Now that I'm not travelling I'll see if I can find out what
he meant by that.

> Understood.  Some questions ... is building an image that has libvirt
> and qemu pre-installed from source good enough?  It avoids the
> dependency on job runs, but moves it to image build time though, so it
> still exists.

Moving complex stability risks to image creation time still causes
us to potentially fail to update our worker images as often, which
means tests randomly run on increasingly stale systems in some
providers/regions until the issue is noticed, identified and
addressed. That said, we do already compile some things during job
runs today (in particular, library bindings which get install-time
linked by some Python modules).

In reality, depending on more things gathered from different places
on the Internet (be it Git repository sites like GitHub/Bitbucket,
or private package collections) decreases our overall stability far
more than compiling things does.

> If the above still doesn't seem like a workable setup, then I think we
> should just go straight to an image with fedora + virt-preview repo,
> which kind of sounds easier, anyway.

If it's published from EPEL or whatever Fedora's equivalent is, then
that's probably fine. If it's served from a separate site, then that
increases the chances that we run into network issues either at
image build time or job run time. Also, we would want to make sure
whatever solution we settle on is well integrated within DevStack
itself, so that individual developers can recreate these conditions
themselves without a lot of additional work.

One other thing to keep in mind... Fedora's lifecycle is too short
for us to support outside of jobs for our master branches, so this
would not be a solution beyond release time (we couldn't continue to
run these jobs for Juno once released if the solution hinges on
Fedora). Getting the versions we want developers and deployers to
use into Ubuntu 14.04 Cloud Archive and CentOS (RHEL) 7 EPEL on the
other hand would be a much more viable long-term solution.
Jeremy Stanley

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