[openstack-dev] [Heat] Passing a list of ResourceGroup's attributes back to its members

Tomas Sedovic tsedovic at redhat.com
Thu Aug 7 17:22:22 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I have a ResourceGroup which wraps a custom resource defined in another

      type: OS::Heat::ResourceGroup
        count: 10
          type: my_custom_server
            prop_1: "..."
            prop_2: "..."

And a corresponding provider template and environment file.

Now I can get say the list of IP addresses or any custom value of each
server from the ResourceGroup by using `{get_attr: [servers,
ip_address]}` and outputs defined in the provider template.

But I can't figure out how to pass that list back to each server in the

This is something we use in TripleO for things like building a MySQL
cluster, where each node in the cluster (the ResourceGroup) needs the
addresses of all the other nodes.

Right now, we have the servers ungrouped in the top-level template so we
can build this list manually. But if we move to ResourceGroups (or any
other scaling mechanism, I think), this is no longer possible.

We can't pass the list to ResourceGroup's `resource_def` section because
that causes a circular dependency.

And I'm not aware of a way to attach a SoftwareConfig to a
ResourceGroup. SoftwareDeployment only allows attaching a config to a
single server.

Is there a way to do this that I'm missing? And if there isn't, is this
something we could add to Heat? E.g. extending a SoftwareDeployment to
accept ResourceGroups or adding another resource for that purpose.


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