[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Group Based Policy and the way forward

Gary Kotton gkotton at vmware.com
Wed Aug 6 06:18:33 UTC 2014

On 8/5/14, 8:53 PM, "Russell Bryant" <rbryant at redhat.com> wrote:

>On 08/05/2014 01:23 PM, Gary Kotton wrote:
>> Ok, thanks for the clarification. This means that it will not be done
>> automagically as it is today ­ the tenant will need to create a Neutron
>> port and then pass that through.
>FWIW, that's the direction we've wanted to move in Nova anyway.  We'd
>like to get rid of automatic port creation, but can't do that in the
>current stable API.

Can you elaborate on what you mean here? What are the issues with port

>Russell Bryant
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