[openstack-dev] 5 node Openstack Icehouse with Vagrant and Puppet on Virtualbox and Centos 6.5

Philip Cheong philip.cheong at elastx.se
Mon Aug 4 13:10:43 UTC 2014

Greetings to all!

So I'm learning Openstack and hope some day to add my name among the list
of contributors (maybe on something like Solum).

My first real foray into the Openstack world was to build myself a
multi-node environment and is available here

In this example I used Vagrant and Puppet enterprise and the puppet modules
from puppetlabs. My simple target was to have a single Vagrantfile that
could bring up a fully functional multi-node environment "at the push of a
button" (i.e. vagrant up). I discovered that goal was perhaps overly

But anyways, it works (with a bit of massaging). Hopefully it might be
useful to others, if nothing else but perhaps for some amusement.

Happy to hear feedback if you try it!


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