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Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Apr 14 15:45:47 UTC 2014


I'd like to announce my candidacy as a TC member

I'm Flavio Percoco. I'm a Software Engineer working for Red Hat and
I've had the pleasure to be part of this community for more than a
year already.

During this time, many things have happened that I summarized in the
"What I've done" section. I've several plans for my time as a TC
member - in case I'm elected - but in order to keep this candidacy
concise, I've written the plans I consider most important
community-wise in the "Plans as TC Member" section.

During this last year, I've seen our community grow really fast in
terms of programs, projects and contributors. Although this amazes me,
it also makes me realize how important it is to have a vast number
opinions in our community. Furthermore, it makes me realize how
important it is to bring those opinions to the light, listen to other
folks that haven't done so and act to keep the community consistent. I
believe this is one of the keys of the success of our community and
this candidacy is a proofs of this belief of mine. We must spread our
efforts throughout the community in order to do so. 

What I've done

My contributions to OpenStack started with Glance where I've dedicated
a lot of time and efforts. This led me to contribute to Oslo, and then
become a core contributor of it too. Contributing to Oslo has given me
a wider view about what other projects needs are - w.r.t common code,
libs and ways to do things - and this also helped me to understand how
projects integrate with each other and gave me a more pragmatic idea
of how things work and how they could be improved.

While all this was happening, I was also contributing to one of the
recently incubated projects, Marconi. Working on Marconi gave me a
complete view of what new projects path is, what they need to
accomplish before reaching incubation, what may make sense or not to
have as an incubated project and which are the community and
development standards that all projects should respect throughout
OpenStack. I served as co-PTL of Marconi before it got incubated and,
FWIW, I still do, although it's not an official role in OpenStack.

In addition to the above, I'm also part of stable-maint team and I
obviously work full-time on OpenStack.

Plans as TC member

Being part of a project that was integrated not-long-ago has helped me
understand how difficult it can be for new projects to ramp-up, the
importance of continuous communication with existing projects, groups
and the TC itself. Moreover, this has helped me understand that we
probably have a clear path for existing projects but the path for new
projects is yet to be defined.

One of my goals as a TC member will be to work on a better plan to
support new projects in the vary phases those projects have to go
through (pre-incubation, incubation and graduation).

New projects will certainly bring new requirements that may change the
base of what we know nowadays as the "default" OpenStack deployment.
So far, we've done a great job with keeping projects consistent and
reducing the differences between them technology-wise. Nevertheless,
this process hasn't been defined concretely nor has it been discussed

Making sure this process is defined and that it embraces a broader
community and technology diversity will be part of my main goals as a
TC member. I believe technical consistency is a key for the success of
projects like OpenStack and its community but so is diversity. Since
both paths have a trade-off, we need to define our guidelines in
between them.

With all that said, it's quite obvious that along with new projects
there will likely be new contributors as well. We've done a great job
with trying to simplify the process for new contributors. However,
there's still quite a technical gap that new contributors have to go
through in order to ramp up.

As part of my previous goal, I plan to work on making new
contributor's ramp-up process easier and make sure there's support for
them. I believe it is part of the TC responsibilities to make sure
this gap doesn't exist.

These goals can't happen without taking under consideration existing
projects, programs and communities. Therefore, during my time as a TC
member, I'll focus on helping existing projects to live as an example
for new and future projects.

Thanks for reading and considering this proposal.

Flavio Percoco
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