[openstack-dev] [RelCycleMgmt] PTL Candidacy

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Sep 23 10:26:17 UTC 2013


I'm writing to announce my candidacy for the "Release Cycle Management"
program technical lead position.

"Release Cycle Management" is a set of activities around OpenStack
release and maintenance which have been formalized into an official
"program" a few months ago, and I've been serving as its acting PTL so
far. It is composed of the following activities:

* Release management
This activity is about coordinating the development cycle, creating a
release schedule, communicating and enforcing the common rhythm,
extracting and publishing feature roadmaps, and documenting our
development community shared understandings. I've been filling those
duties starting with the Bexar release cycle, and it's safe to say that
it's been an interesting ride. The challenges ahead of us are about
really scaling this activity to more than one person, as we keep on
adding projects: working more as a team than as an individual on those

* Stable branch maintenance
This activity is about helping our downstream consumers (OpenStack
distributions) by providing reference points in time (stable branches)
that we backport critical bugfixes to (and publish point releases for).
It is lead by Alan Pevec and Adam Gandelman. The challenges ahead of us
are about attracting new contributors while keeping the high "safe
patches" standards of our stable branch policy.

* Vulnerability management
This activity is about triaging incoming security vulnerability reports
and getting security patches and advisories published (as fast and
safely as we can produce them). I've been leading that team from its
inception (but would definitely like to hand out the leading of this
activity to someone else!). The challenges ahead of us are to refresh
our policy in the age of "programs", and to grow the team. It's quite
difficult to find people combining the security mindset, the process
obsession and the deep involvement in the OpenStack community that is
necessary to succeed in this role, so we need to keep on looking :)

If I'm elected to the PTL position, I intend to focus on those
challenges. I would also like to codify contributions to this new
program (by attaching code repositories to it, to which active members
would end up naturally contributing) so that the team ends up being more
open and less co-opted. Finally, I would like to reinforce program team
spirit: make it the work of a real group of people working together
rather than a loose collection of activities.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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