[openstack-dev] [qa] Candidacy for QA Program PTL

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Sun Sep 22 12:03:24 UTC 2013

I would like to run for the OpenStack QA Program PTL position.

I'm the current/interim PTL for OpenStack QA, chosen when QA was
promoted to an official program mid cycle for Havana.

I started working on OpenStack just before the Essex release, and am
currently a core reviewer on Tempest, Devstack, Grenade, Nova and a
handful of other smaller projects.

Over the past 6 months on QA I directly contributed to restructuring
the Tempest tree and adding documentation to make it easier for new
people to onboard to the project. We've also instituted a more
structured weekly meeting that provides a way to clearly set near term
group priorities, and ensure that important reviews don't get lost in
the noise.

My top priorities in Havana was getting parallel testing in the gate,
and make grenade's upgrade testing gating. We managed to land both of
those, plus a new performance testing framework that emerged mid
cycle, and had many contributors to it. The actual work for all of
these was done by our great team, which is growing every day.

My top priorities in Icehouse are making debugging failures in the
gate much easier, and growing our community. With gate testing now
happening in parallel we are further exposing race conditions in
OpenStack, all of which will show up in a production environment.
Tooling to help people to get root cause on these "flakey" tests are
critical for ensuring that we expose the races inside of OpenStack
making for a better project for all.

I believe the QA PTL role is mostly one of working across projects, as
what's most needed to ensure OpenStack Quality at any point in time
may be: more tests, or it may be adjusting the infrastructure to
address a hole (like with global requirements testing), or it may be
debugging an issue with developers in any one of our 9 integrated
projects, or clients, or libraries.

My commit history:
My review history:

I'm looking forward to a great Icehouse cycle,


Sean Dague

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