[openstack-dev] [nova] [baremetal] Mixed bare-metal + hypervisor cloud using grizzly

Zsolt Haraszti zsolt at cyaninc.com
Tue Jul 23 17:00:59 UTC 2013


We are very interested to set up a small OpenStack cloud with a portion of
the servers used as bare-metal servers and the rest used as "normal" KVM
hypervisor compute nodes. We are using grizzly, and launch with devstack
for simplicity.

For a proof-of-concept, I set up an all-in-one node (also acting as KVM
compute node). Now I am trying to attach a second compute node running in
baremetal mode.

Is this known to work?

As a side note, devstack did not seem to support very well our case, i.e.,
when the control node is not the baremetal node. A number of the automated
steps were skipped. We worked around this by manually creating the nova_bm
database, db sync-ing it, creating and uploading the deploy and test
images, and adding a bare-metal flavor. If there were interest, I would be
willing to look into modifying devstack to support our case.

After this, I was able to enroll an IPMI-enabled 3rd server as a
baremetal-node, but I am unable to create a BM instance on it. The instance
gets created in the DB, but the scheduler errors out with NoValidHost. I
started debugging the issue by investigating the logs and looking into the
code. I see a few things that I suspect may not be right:

If I add the second compute node as a normal KVM node, I can see the
scheduler on the all-in-one node to show both compute nodes refreshing
every 60 seconds. If I re-add the 2nd compute node in BM mode, I can see no
more updates coming from that node in the scheduler.

Also, I dug into the scheduler code a bit, and I can see that in the
scheduler/host_manager.HostManager.get_all_host_states() the call
to db.compute_node_get_all(context) returns only one node, the all-in-one.

Both of the above suggests that the scheduler may have no visibility of the
BM compute node, hence my troubles.

I can debug this further, but I though I ask first. Any pointers would be
much appreciated.

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