[openstack-dev] Opinions needed: Changing method signature in RPC callback ...

Eric Windisch eric at cloudscaling.com
Thu Jul 18 20:56:43 UTC 2013

> > These callback methods are part of the Kombu driver (and maybe part of
> > Qpid), but are NOT part of the RPC abstraction. These are private
> > methods. They can be broken for external consumers of these methods,
> > because there shouldn't be any. It will be a good lesson to anyone that
> > tries to abuse private methods.
> I was wondering about that, but I assumed some parts of amqp.py were
> used by other transports as well (and not just impl_kombu.py)
> There are several callbacks in amqp.py that would be affected.

The code in amqp.py is used by the Kombu and Qpid drivers and might
implement the public methods expected by the abstraction, but does not
define it. The RPC abstraction is defined in __init__.py, and does not
define callbacks. Other drivers, granted only being the ZeroMQ driver at
present, are not expected to define a callback method and as a private
method -- would have no template to follow nor an expectation to have this

I'm not saying your proposed changes are bad or invalid, but there is no
need to make concessions to the possibility that code outside of oslo would
be using callback(). This opens up the option, besides creating a new
method, to simply updating all the existing method calls that exist in
amqp.py, impl_kombu.py, and impl_qpid.py.

Eric Windisch
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