[openstack-dev] Program Proposal: Trove

Mark McLoughlin markmc at redhat.com
Tue Jul 16 19:49:55 UTC 2013


On Tue, 2013-07-16 at 10:37 -0700, Michael Basnight wrote:
> Official Title: OpenStack Database as a Service
> Initial PTL: Michael Basnight <mbasnight at gmail.com>
> Mission Statement: To provide scalable and reliable Cloud Database as
> a Service functionality for both relational and non-relational
> database engines, and to continue to improve its fully-featured and
> extensible open source framework.

Seems fine to me, but I'd see adding non-relational support as an
expansion of Trove's scope as approved by the TC.

I know we discussed whether it should be in scope from the beginning,
but I thought we didn't want rule out the possibility of an entirely new
team of folks coming up with a NoSQL as a Service project.


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