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Yaguang Tang yaguang.tang at canonical.com
Tue Jul 16 03:00:10 UTC 2013

we put openstack common code in oslo
, and sync to other projects to keep the common code in each project is
aways up to date, when oslo is mature enough, then we will publish oslo as
a openstack common library.  the common code in each project just need to
change from "from nova.openstack.common import something"
to "from oslo.openstack.common import something" after oslo is released ,
as the common code is aways sync from oslo, so there isn't any big change.

correct me if my understanding is wrong.
在 2013-7-16 上午10:25,"Gareth" <academicgareth at gmail.com>写道:

> Hi, all
> There are some common codes in most of projects, such as opnstack/common,
> db, and some else (?). I know a good way is using 'import oslo' is ok,
> instead of copy those codes here and there. And now we already have project
> oslo and trove, but how and when do we handle old codes, remove that in
> next major release?
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