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Tue Jul 16 02:58:10 UTC 2013

On Jul 15, 2013, at 7:22 PM, Gareth <academicgareth at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, all
> There are some common codes in most of projects, such as opnstack/common, db, and some else (?). I know a good way is using 'import oslo' is ok, instead of copy those codes here and there. And now we already have project oslo and trove, but how and when do we handle old codes, remove that in next major release?

From the trove perspective we are trying to keep our Oslo code updated as often as possible. Once the code leaves incubator status (the code copy you mention), we will adopt the individual libraries. I believe oslo.messaging is the next on our list. 

As for timeline, we try to stay current with one caveat. We stop pulling large updates in as milestone deadlines approach. So pull in updates early in the milestone, so that they are there for the milestone, and eventually the release. We have a review inflight waiting for the h2 cutoff so we can merge it [1] that has the latest oslo. This approach may very somewhat from other projects so ill let the PTLs chime in :)

Is there specific code you are referring to? 

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/36140/
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