[openstack-dev] olso-config dev requirement

Doug Hellmann doug.hellmann at dreamhost.com
Mon Jul 15 18:28:06 UTC 2013

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 11:03 AM, Monty Taylor <mordred at inaugust.com> wrote:

> I was looking in to dependency processing as part of some pbr change,
> which got me to look at the way we're doing oslo-config dev requirements
> again. To start, this email is not about causing us to change what we're
> doing, only possibly the mechanics of what we put in the
> requirements.txt file- or to get a more specific example of what we're
> solving so that I can make a test case for it and ensure we're handling
> it properly.
> Currently, we have this:
> -f
> http://tarballs.openstack.org/oslo.config/oslo.config-1.2.0a3.tar.gz#egg=oslo.config-1.2.0a3
> oslo.config>=1.2.0a3
> As the way to specify to install >- 1.2.0a3 of oslo.config. I believe
> this construct has grown in response to a sequence of issues, but it's
> complex and fragile, so I'd like to explore what's going on.
> The simplest answer would be simply to replace it with:
> http://tarballs.openstack.org/oslo.config/oslo.config-1.2.0a3.tar.gz
> which will quite happily cause pip to install the contents of that
> tarball. It does not declare a version, but it's not necessary to,
> because the tarball has only one version that it is. Is there a problem
> we have identified where the wrong thing is happening?

> I've tested that I get the right thing in a virtualenv if I make that
> change from pip installing a tarball, pip installing the requirements
> directly and python setup.py install. Is there anything I'm missing?
> Monty

Without the version specifier, we are relying on all projects to install
the right version from that tarball link when we run devstack, but we have
no guarantee that they are moving to new releases in lockstep.


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