[openstack-dev] cells checks on patches

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Sat Jul 13 15:28:14 UTC 2013

On 07/13/2013 10:50 AM, Dan Smith wrote:
>> Currently cells can even get past devstack exercises, which are very
>> minor sanity checks for the environment (nothing tricky).
> I thought that the plan was to deprecate the devstack exercises and
> just use tempest. Is that not the case? I'd bet that the devstack
> exercises are just not even on anyone's radar. Since the excellent work
> you QA folks did to harden those tests before grizzly, I expect most
> people take them for granted now :)
> Digging into the logs just a bit, I see what looks like early failures
> related to missing security group issues in the cells manager log. I
> know there are some specific requirements in how things have to be set
> up for cells, so I think it's likely that we'll need to do some
> tweaking of configs to get all of this right.
> We enabled the test knowing that it wasn't going to pass for a while,
> and it's only been running for less than 24 hours. In the same way that
> the grenade job had (until recently) been failing on everything, the
> point of enabling the cells test now is so that we can start iterating
> on fixes so that we can hopefully have some amount of regular test
> coverage before havana.

Like I said, as long as someone is going to work on it, I'm happy. :) I 
just don't want this to be an enable the tests and hope magically 
fairies come to fix them issue. That's what we did on full neutron 
tests, and it's been bouncing around like that for a while.

We are planning on disabling the devstack exercises, it wasn't so much 
that, it's that it looks like there is fundamental lack of functioning 
nova on devstack for cells right now. The security groups stack trace is 
just a side effect of cells falling over in a really low level way (this 
is what's before and after the trace).

2013-07-13 00:12:18.605 ERROR nova.cells.scheduler 
[req-dcbb868c-98a7-4d65-94b3-e1234c50e623 demo demo] Couldn't 
communicate with cell 'child'
2013-07-13 00:12:18.606 ERROR nova.cells.scheduler 
[req-dcbb868c-98a7-4d65-94b3-e1234c50e623 demo demo] Couldn't 
communicate with any cells

Again, mostly I want to know that we've got a blueprint or bug that's 
high priority and someone's working on it. It did take a while to get 
grenade there (we're 2 bugs away from being able to do it repeatably in 
the gate), but during that time we did have people working on it. It 
just takes a while to get to the bottom of these issues some times, so I 
want people to have a realistic expectation on how quickly we'll go from 
running upstream to gating.


Sean Dague

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