[openstack-dev] Nova scheduler sub-group meeting agenda 7/9

Dugger, Donald D donald.d.dugger at intel.com
Tue Jul 9 04:48:18 UTC 2013

(Sorry, I've been away and didn't get this out sooner).

A couple of issues have come up on the mailing list that would be good to go over if the critical people can be at the meeting tomorrow:

1)  Scheduler code re-factoring
2)  Volume affinity filter
3)  Follow ups on the scheduler BPs
4)  Opens?

PS: The current list of scheduler BPs is:

1)   Extending data in host state
2)   Utilization based scheduling
3)   Whole host allocation capability
4)   Coexistence of different schedulers
5)   Rack aware scheduling
6)   List scheduler hints via API
7)   Host directory service
8)   The future of the scheduler
9)   Network bandwisth aware scheduling (and wider aspects)
10) ensembles/vclusters

Don Dugger
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