[openstack-dev] V3 credentials API

Yee, Guang guang.yee at hp.com
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The spec also mentioned


"A specific implementation may determine the list of supported types."


I think Haneef is coming from the interoperability angle. I am guessing
other types will be treated as extensions once the (xml/json) schema is


Since project_id is optional, if you want a credential that works across all
projects, then don't set the project_id. Problem would be if you have one of
those and one that is tight to the project, which one to choose? Probably
want the one that is tight to the project first.






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Credentials are described in the v3 spec[1] and it was specifically designed
to make the existing 'ec2' credential storage more generic (so to answer
your question: yes, credentials are only valid only for that tenant).






On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Ali, Haneef <haneef.ali at hp.com> wrote:



In V3 api credentials is associated with  projectId.  What is the use case
for it?  Does this  mean a user can access that tenant using only that
credentials or that credentials is valid only for that tenant?


Also credentials has a "type" attribute. It will be useful  if keystone
defines some standard credential types. e.g   It will cause confusion if one
user creates  'ec2"  credential with type "ec2" and anointer one creates
with type "AmazonEC2".





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