[openstack-dev] [heat-api] Proposed heat watch/monitoring architectural changes

Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Mon Sep 24 14:01:47 UTC 2012

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 09:35:47AM -0400, Eoghan Glynn wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> This proposed separation is much better than deeply embedding
> the CloudWatch API implementation within Heat.
> However, since metrics collection & alarming have much wider
> applicability than their use within orchestration, would it
> make sense to go one step further and hive off the CW/CWA-
> related logic into a completely separate infrastructure that
> could be independently deployed and be developed in parallel
> with the Heat project?
> Cheers,
> Eoghan

Yes, looking at the new architecture diagram I thought the same thing.

My current focus is on creating a better cloudwatch implementation for heat, but also decoupling things such that it can either be contributed to another project (e.g ceilometer has been previously discussed), or used independently.

I guess the question is how much effort is involved in creating a new project (perhaps a heat sub-project like heat-jeos?) in terms of our existing infrastructure and packaging etc.

We can discuss this within the team and decide if it makes sense to do the split now or later when the implementation is more complete, but I agree it is probably something we want to work towards.



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