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Haefliger, Juerg Juerg.Haefliger at hp.com
Mon Sep 3 13:17:41 UTC 2012

I would also like to have a discussion about the following:

org.openstack__1__default_fs  = ext4 : default filesystem to use, for example, for ephemeral storage
org.openstack__1__root_partition = 2 : Partition number of the root partition, used for key and file injection (0 for an unpartitioned image)
org.openstack__1__provider = com.hp : Entity that provided/built the image

I understand that Folsom is smart and can automatically determine the root partition so maybe root_partition is not really that useful but it would be simple and easy and wouldn't require to inspect the image. Similarly, with image inspection, the root filessystem could be determined automatically and ephemeral could be formatted using the same filesystem but I'm not sure if image inspection is supported on all platforms.


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Yes we'd love to see these included also.
: Tom

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It would definitely be great to see these as generally accepted properties.  In general, I would hope that anything that is accepted by the community eventually makes it into core API, and shipping with them on by default is a great first step.  Mostly, I'd like to see us able to turn off the "org.openstack__1__" part of the properties, if everyone agrees they are useful :)

Also just to highlight one of the links in the mailing list discussions, this is where we pulled those properties from: http://wiki.openstack.org/CommonImageProperties


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Glance] Implementing Common Image Properties

We discussed a common set of image properties a while back on the mailing list ([1] and [2]). The general idea was to define a common way to expose useful image properties (distro, version, architecture, packages, etc).

It doesn't appear we ever came to a hard consensus, but Rackspace has been publishing the following properties in their deployment:

org.openstack__1__architecture = x64
org.openstack__1__os_distro = org.ubuntu
org.openstack__1__os_version = 12.04

If the idea is to get all deployments to publish these properties, I think what Rackspace has implemented would be a good starting point. The question I want to pose to the community is this:

Does it make sense to ship a set of JSON schemas with Glance that represent these properties? Doing so wouldn't explicitly require all deployments to use them, but it would reduce the work required to publish them and help ensure they have a common meaning across deployments. Keep in mind that we would be shipping these as a part of Glance, not as a part of the Images API spec.

I personally think it would be great to provide these, and to do so in the Folsom release so those deployers riding major releases wouldn't be left out in the dark.

All comments welcome!

Brian Waldon

[1] http://markmail.org/message/5bd5zkyre57ppi3n
[2] http://markmail.org/message/soaldxs4lovd2uir
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