[openstack-dev] XenAPI Meeting

John Garbutt John.Garbutt at citrix.com
Thu Sep 13 11:24:19 UTC 2012

Oops, one possible addition to Grizzly: Quantum work

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> Hi,
> Sorry about the XenAPI meeting, I got pulled away from my keyboard and lost
> track of time.
> Should we try a meeting same time next week, or try and catch up on email
> instead?
> Here is a step towards the second idea...
> The update from the Citrix side is that the following have made it into XenAPI in
> Folsom:
> - live migration (of simple VMs) without shared storage
> - boot from volume
> - XenServer pool based live migration (pending one last bug fix)
> - slightly improved documentation
> - automated QA against trunk XenServer and trunk OpenStack, and released
> XenServer and Stable/Essex
> Currently, our ideas for Grizzly are to take a look at (although I can't commit to
> these just yet):
> - config drive for XenAPI
> - GPU passthrough
Help make Quantum work better with XenAPI
> - increase the supported set of storage with XenAPI and Cinder
> - reducing the limitations in live-migration
> - get our QA tied into Gerrit
> - Tempest tests for features added in Folsom (that slipped)
> - improve unit test coverage in XenAPI, and general tidy up
> - continue doc improvements
> Hopefully we will get to discuss future ideas more in the design summit, and get
> to demo the new features in the conference bit.
> It would be good to catch up with what others have been doing too, and start
> working on ideas we can discuss at the summit.
> Thanks,
> John

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