[openstack-dev] XenAPI Meeting

John Garbutt John.Garbutt at citrix.com
Thu Sep 13 11:22:29 UTC 2012


Sorry about the XenAPI meeting, I got pulled away from my keyboard and lost track of time.
Should we try a meeting same time next week, or try and catch up on email instead?
Here is a step towards the second idea...

The update from the Citrix side is that the following have made it into XenAPI in Folsom:
- live migration (of simple VMs) without shared storage
- boot from volume
- XenServer pool based live migration (pending one last bug fix)
- slightly improved documentation
- automated QA against trunk XenServer and trunk OpenStack, and released XenServer and Stable/Essex

Currently, our ideas for Grizzly are to take a look at (although I can't commit to these just yet):
- config drive for XenAPI
- GPU passthrough
- increase the supported set of storage with XenAPI and Cinder
- reducing the limitations in live-migration
- get our QA tied into Gerrit
- Tempest tests for features added in Folsom (that slipped)
- improve unit test coverage in XenAPI, and general tidy up
- continue doc improvements

Hopefully we will get to discuss future ideas more in the design summit, and get to demo the new features in the conference bit.

It would be good to catch up with what others have been doing too, and start working on ideas we can discuss at the summit.


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