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Bhandaru, Malini K malini.k.bhandaru at intel.com
Sat Sep 8 00:17:14 UTC 2012

I have a urls.py which refers to a namespace "extras" as below:
But the generate page has href is in colon format?!

<a href='horizon:syspanel:flavors:extras' > View Extra Specs </a>
<a href='/syspanel/flavors/1/edit/'  > Edit Flavor </a>

from .extra_specs import urls as extra_specs_urls
from .views import IndexView, CreateView, EditView

urlpatterns = patterns('horizon.dashboards.syspanel.flavors.views',
    url(r'^$', IndexView.as_view(), name='index'),
    url(r'^create/$', CreateView.as_view(), name='create'),
    url(r'^(?P<id>[^/]+)/edit/$', EditView.as_view(), name='edit'),
    url(r'^(?P<id>[^/]+)/extras/',include(extra_specs_urls, namespace='extras')),

from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, url
from .views import IndexView, CreateView, EditView

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^$', IndexView.as_view(), name='index'),
    url(r'create/$', CreateView.as_view(), name='create'),
    url(r'^(?P<keyid>[^/]+)/edit/$', EditView.as_view(), name='edit'),
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